Saturday, December 7, 2013

Dessert in the Desert

Hi Readers,

It has taken me so long to write because I have been working hard and playing hard. I finally have a minute to sit down and talk to you!

So here's what's up....I have lost around 35lbs. I am into the previous size of clothing I haven't been able to wear for a year. IT FEELS SO GOOD TO PUT ON CLOTHES THAT DON'T HURT!

Oldest Granddaughter - she likes comfy clothes
If they aren't comfy, they hurt. <3

Flamingo Last Week
A smile because I will be seeing my
parents soon.
Mom (Sandy), Dad (Mel) and Me: Just doing a little
ATV cruisin' in desert. Mom is ROCK STAR on her
little Razr! ROCK ON MOM!
Doug and Jenny like to climb stuff.
Skull Rock....they are so cute!
Mom taking a pic of our feasting table.It was wonderful!
Billy, Aunt Dit, Me, Dan, Doug, Jenny, Dad.

And this is what we see at the end of beautiful day.
No wonder Mom and Dad love it here.

I wish you enough!
Sherry XOXO

Friday, November 22, 2013

Rolling Over.....a new leaf!

Hi Readers!

New things keep cropping up in my life that I had lost and am getting back. The first thing was the fact I can wear ALL OF MY SHOES....which I already told you about.

This morning - a new thing....I can roll over to get out of bed! I have not been able to do that for at least a year and didn't know it! Until this morning.

Today I decided to dress up like a
professional working woman.
Too bad the pic quality isn't what I hoped
Need to get the lighting right in our apt.
You see, when you are extremely overweight, moving that many lbs from point A to point B while laying down is nearly impossible without super strength. I would sort of ssssllllliiiidddee out of bed in the morning and try to pull anything. That is the reason I don't sit on the floor any more... I need too much help to get up. And it's embarrassing.

I have "officially" lost 21.6 lbs since November 4th. I thought, at first, I lost more. But then I found out I was weighing on my scale incorrectly. SO - I am sticking with my doctor's scale. That scale is the single source of truth.

Awesome Kat Sunglasses! Adds that little bit of panache!
I am excited about getting into some new (old) clothes that I had "grown" out of.

I get to have a fun girls weekend this weekend in preparation for a week off with family!! YAY!
The Black Patent Flamingo

I plan to blog throughout the week....with some special people showing need to check it out!

I wish you enough,

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

What's for Dinner?

Hello Readers,

Today I saw my doc for the last post-op check for 3 months. I passed with flying colors. NOW I get to each foods that need to be chewed! YAY! AND I have to pick up my exercise routine. What do you do to motivate yourself to exercise?

Tonight I had 1/4 cup pureed Sweet Potato and 1/4 cup Cottage Cheese! YUMMY!!!! I was just so excited.

In retrospect, this outfit is a little too baby
and makes me look short-ER. :) It was comfy. 

I am wearing a Pink WetNWild lipstick and
a Stella & Dot necklace from last year. That
one is SO HEAVY I lose 2 lbs when I take it off! HA!
AND....the Flaming in my heavy black
Platform Booties. I love these shoes but
I think I should wear them with tights and
a skirt and dress. They are a little "heavy"
under the baggy pants. 

So what did you eat for dinner tonight? What do you do for exercise? 

I wish enough!
Sherry xo