Friday, May 13, 2011

Hoarder of Cardis and Shoes

Hello Readers,

Ok - I admit it!! I am a hoarder of shoes and cardigans. I can't help it! I love the smell of new shoes and the feel of a brand-new, unwashed, unworn cardi! 

I like that I can change the entire feel of a single piece of clothing with a cardi or a shoe! 

As some of you know - my hubby andI live in an RV with our little doggie. It's a long story but we needed to do something about a house. We had just stopped traveling 100% of the time and we didn't want to live in AZ where my job had me located..... so we didn't want to buy a house there. My parents are full-time RVrs (the fun, traveling, snowbird kind) so it gave us the guts to try it... AND WE LOVE IT! We live like ROCKSTARS!

People are always asking how in the world I store all of my clothes! EASY! I am organized and I am determined to use up all of the possible available space! So - here goes.... my storage system.

This is a cabinet meant for a TV on a swivel. It is actually 3 "piles" deep.
I use this for skirts, pants and cardis (the row you see here).
Then I have some random pjs, tops and pants in the middle row.
Then in the far back are clothes that are too small but I am slowly
shrinking into them (due to my weight loss program). 
This is what the cabinet looks like closed.
I use the 3 drawers below it for jewelry,
lingerie and shirts that can be folded.

Here is another view of the cabinet.

Here is our closet - this is "my side". I actually use
up part of "the other" side, too. My shoes are stacked
about 4-5 boxes high and 2 boxes deep. These
are the shoes I normally choose to wear to
work. The pumps and the platforms I "go to". 

Here is another view. I like to keep my shoes in their boxes
and with the end with the picture of the contents facing out.
Before shoe companies did that I would take a picture of the
pair of shoes in the box and tape it to the outside of the box. 

I store all of my flats and one pair of pumps on the top shelf in the closet. I don't know why those pumps are up there... weird. I should put my tennies up there and move the pumps to the lower boxes.
You can also see my rollers for lint. I am obsessed with lintless cardis!
Now here comes the hard part to explain. There are 2 storage
areas under the rig on "my side". One is behind the BBQ and
the other is next to it. It is actually one big cavernous area. 
This is a picture of one of the openings with the door opened.
The other one looks just the same without the baskets.
On top of the grey bins are about 20 boxes of shoes in total.
In one of the baskets are "casual" shoes I use for camping, hiking,etc.
My boots that don't have boxes are kept in here, as well. (Ie., cowboy books, etc.)
In the grey tubs are clothes of various sizes for other seasons. As I lose weight I am
slowly whittling down the contents of the tubs. I hope to end up with
only one for changing out seasonal clothes in the long run.
Oh, and in the other basket are about 15 handbags.. I forgot to tell you
I am a hoarder of handbags, as well... but I purged a few months ago
so I am feel sort of healed from that obsession. :) I used to have 40 handbags.
We will save that for another session of hoarders if my collection starts
growing so much I need to find extra storage for them.  

*PURA VIDA is a saying used in Costa Rica = Pure Life.
And that is a gross REAL DRIED FROG purse from the
Philippines that I don't really plan on ever using!
It is just sort of a conversation piece. 

*Pura Vida (POO-rah VEE-dah), used by Costa Ricans since 1956, literally translated means “Pure Life.” Contextually, it means “Full of Life” “Purified life”, “This is living!”, “Going great!” It is used as a greeting, a farewell, and to express satisfaction. Costa Ricans use the phrase to express a philosophy of strong community, perseverance, good spirits, enjoying life slowly, celebrating good fortune, whether small or large.


See my FBFF blog for the newest members of the shoe and cardi family! :) 

Cheers! xoxo

PS - Last count about 30 cardis (some are in the grey tubs as they are really wintery. AND that doesn't count the ones that are smalls that are in the back of the cabinet.) Last shoe count = approx. 60)


  1. ohh now I don't feel as bad about my shoes
    I have shoe boxes everywhere because they no longer fit in the closet and the sad part is I really do wear them all lol

    ♥ In Shoes We Trust ♥


  2. You really don't have enough shoes. And 30 Cardi's doesn't seem like too many when you consider the fact that they are Seasonal. Now if you count in the stuff in the rig and the cabinet then you may have a problem.

    How do you get to those link rollers? Please tell me that you have more scattered around the house. Next to the bed. On the dresser. In the closet. In the bathroom. A mini for the car. And of course one on your desk at work.

  3. Hi Za! You are so funny....

    Hi Laura - I agree - I need more shoes!! I have 2 pair that are new that I have yet to wear and one more pair on their way to me from Irregular Choice. Have you ever worn that brand? As for the cardi's THANK YOU FOR SUPPORTING ME!! I need more of those, too! LOL! And those lint rollers are about at my forehead. I will be doing a guest post about my ROCKSTAR lifestyle - then there will be some perspective... and YES - I have lint rollers EVERYWHERE! Next to the bed. Next to "my spot" on the couch. In the glove box and in the back of the car. In my basket that contains my belts in my bedroom. One in my purse. And finally, one in my desk drawer at work... WOW! Maybe I also hoard lint rollers??? hahahaha.


  4. Good Saturday Morning, I really enjoyed reading this and envy your way of simple living with the option to pick up and go. I found a small caravan the other day but it is not YET for sale. It belongs to an older gent in my neighborhood who said he is going to eventually sell it. Anyway, I admire your organizational skills with such limited are good!!! I would love to sell this house and travel. What do you if you have pets? I have alot of them right now but will eventually be down to 5. Also, about the lint rollers...I love them too. The other day I was walking into a store and I heard something drop on the ground next to me...sure enough it was the handle of the lint roller that fell and the sticky part was stuck to the outside of my purse...Had that handle not fallen, I would have stopped with the entire lint roller stuck to the side of my purse!!! So glad you stopped by. Dawn Suitcase vignettes xoxo

  5. Meant to say shopped not stopped...just like me to ruin a good story with a Dawnxo

  6. Hi Dawn... you are so funny. I am able to read in "typo"! I do that all the time. So, we have 1 little Chihuahua. That works out fine for us cuz she is only 6.5 lbs. My parents have a large yellow lab they travel with. There is a couple in our resort where we are now that have 2 huge Mastiffs! They seem to work it out ok. Then there are a couple women that we met that travel with 3 cats. I have met people with 4 little dogs once (Yorkies, I think). So, it can be done. Especially if it isn't full time. I have never found a place we can't have our little dog. Except one time in AZ there was a park that only allowed a certain number of rigs with animals. But, it seemed generous and we had our doggie with us. That is hilarious about the lint roller..... I have walked out of the house with one on my backside once (it was a little one). My hubby saw it - we cracked up! Cheers!