Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Tuesday: What to wear to a colonoscopy

Hi Readers,

So, did the title of this blog make you scratch your head and say "huh"? Or did it make you curious about what in the WORLD am I going to say today! (Sometimes my filter is turned off! LOL!)
I actually wore this sweater Monday and Tuesday. However,
after seeing this pic, I added a red cottony-tee shirty-material
scarf for color so I don't look so dowdy. I am wearing a smile
in spite of the lame outfit! :) Cardi from Target.  
Anyway, today really is about my colonoscopy I had yesterday - therefore no blog post yesterday as I was under the influence of a strong drug. Approximately 5 years ago I had a colonoscopy and was told directly following the procedure, while still in recovery, it looked like I had colon cancer. And with the size of tumor, in the docs experience, I probably had 6 months to live. WHAT IN THE WORLD??? SERIOUSLY!?? My husband and I were in shock as we were shuttled to a surgeon and an oncologist within 2 hours. The doctors told me to go home and get my affairs in order. It was a difficult week for me, our family and our extended church family. Prayer chains were started across the globe.
Me outside of the surgery center in my outfit!
The short story is that I was diagnosed with colon cancer and by the time I had the surgery, there was no cancer present. My surgeon didn't understand it but it was true. I am convinced I was healed - and this wasn't the first time (but that story is for another day).
Cute Tommy Bahama flip flops.
They come in 10 colors! I love 'em!
Anyway, it was my time to have another procedure and they found (and removed) 4 polyps. I will have the results of those tests in 2 weeks and will know if I get a 3 year reprieve or if I have to come back in 1 year. Preliminary diagnosis is "benign". YAY!
Not my favorite. Changed the shoes and
the gauchos. The ones from Monday were
more like PJs. These are really old from Kohls.
They are jersey and much more substantial.
I think they are too big...
cuz they felt and look that way!
I am being so open about this because colon cancer is a silent killer. And if I saw you headed towards a cliff, I would tell you there was danger ahead! There are usually no symptoms and it is found when it is too late. It is not painful to have colon cancer. There could be some signs, like irregular bowel movements and bleeding, but not in most cases. If you have a family history of polyps or colon cancer GET A COLONOSCOPY! If you are 50 or older and you have never had a colonoscopy, then make an appointment today. If you don't have insurance and can't afford a colonoscopy, get in touch with the American Cancer Society for references to help you.
Vintage German Black Glass Ring - gift from a friend! Check eBay or Etsy.
Here is the good news - the drugs they give you during the procedure are SO FUN! Seriously - not a care in the world. I usually tell everyone I love them and I talk about my friends and family non-stop. I sing and tell jokes - EXTREMELY POORLY ON BOTH COUNTS. I ask the nurses about their families and whatever else comes to my mind. What happens in the surgery room - stays in the surgery room! WHEW! LOL!
Close up of the pattern on my Orla Kiely bag. Irish designer - LOVE!
So, this is me getting off of my soapbox now. As for the clothes - I wore the same thing to my colonoscopy as I wore to work today. There were just a few changes you can see in the pics. After I saw the pics... i think the outfit was perfect for the procedure... for work - meh!
Even a black, dowdy flamingo can't keep from soaring to new heights!
Shoes from Nordys. 
What I wore:
Animal Print Cardi - Buy similar here. (They still have this exact cardi in the stores.)
Bimini Pineapple Flip Flops from Tommy Bahama - Buy here or in the T.B. stores.
Black Gauchos: Monday - Buy pants here (gauchos out of stock - maybe check stores). Tuesday - Buy similar here.
Ring: Etsy - Buy similar here (HURRY! EXCELLENT PRICE). Try ebay, too!
Orla Kiely Bag - Buy similar here. (I LOVE this designer!)
Black Mary Janes - Buy similar here or here. (Target only $18!)

I wish enough great outfits to know that no matter what you wear you are HOT!

Cheers! xoxo


  1. Glad things are "looking" begin!
    And yes!! That was a crazy 48 +hrs. following your first "procedure"!! Glad you're able to blog about!!
    Love my dear sweer sister!!!

  2. I was transfixed by your story because i am due to have a colonoscopy in a couple of months...I am glad you had such a great end to your story. I will probably be a little nervous...but glad that insurance finally will cover this expensive proceedure in their wellness care coverage!

  3. ~*(~*(~*( hugs )*~)*~)*~
    prayer continues, dear friend,
    for *your* continued excellent
    health! i love you.

    and as far as looking hot no matter
    what my outfit? i look hot only
    because i'm menopausal and the occasional
    tropical vacations throughout the day
    give me that 'hot glow.' sigh.

  4. Hi Mel - Thank you for always being there for me... remember that one Thursday night? That was the worst night of my life I think....Love you so much! xoxo

    Hey Christin! YAY!!!

    Hi Pam - Good for you getting the test done... and just remember. The reward is in the drugs they give you for the actual procedure.... SO MUCH FUN! :)

    Hi jAne, Thank you so much my dear,sweet friend and sister. I love you, too. And you just CRACK ME UP!!! I love your hotness! ;) xoxo

  5. the drugs are great! It makes it all ok--altho I feel so badly for you and what you went through! So good it turned out to be nothing that the thought!
    Isnt funny sometimes how the photos help to see what we couldnt? Works like that sometimes.

  6. I will never forget the moment you gave the bad news (it brought me to my knees in fervent prayer). And the moment we got the good news! (that brought us all to our knees for HIs healing and in thanksgiving!). More prayers for all is well. xxoo

  7. This was a great post Sherry! Amazing about your earlier prognosis! wow ... I probably would have died of a heart attack right then and there. I had my first one last year. They almost wouldn't give it to me, because I didn't have anybody who could wait there through the entire procedure! My son was the only one who could pick me up, and he was in his senior year of college. He couldn't hang out for the entire morning with me. They almost sent me home! I couldn't believe it.

  8. forgot to say that I love your flip flops.

  9. Hi Momma = I love you and I am so sorry I had to tell you that.... it breaks my heart to think of your pain (I am only imagine. I am sure all of my tests will come back fine - the doc seems very optimistic. I guess I am just a polyp grower! :)

    Hi Kari - I am glad you enjoyed the story. Yes - there are lots of dangers during a colonoscopy. They can perforate accidentally AND they don't recognize DNRs. So they need someone there that can make decisions for you. I am glad all is well for you, though! And "thanks" about the flips flops. I think I should have purchased a size smaller.... but these are great. Cute and stylish - I LOVE flip flops and I wear out about 3 pairs a summer. Then one more in the winter.